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Vince DelMonte’s No-Nonsense Muscle Building – Product Review

Submitted by on August 13, 2009 – 10:56 amOne Comment


Who is Vince DelMonte?

Vince is the author of the No Nonsense Muscle Building program, which is rated the number one bodybuilding program on the Internet (as per Clickbank.com). Among being a world renowned fitness author, Vince has an Honours Kinesiology degree, won the Canadian Fitness Model Championships, and is a regular contributor for Men’s Fitness and Maximum Fitness Magazines. You know this guys knows his stuff when his own personal transformation has be featured on BodyBuilding.com. Check out his story here, and his bio here.

Why I believe in Vince’s Training Program.

I’ve tried many programs over the last 7 years, and honestly the dedication and commitment that Vince put into developing his program is astonishing. I’m a skinny guy to begin with so when I heard that Vince was just like me but had personally achieved results, I had to try out his program. His programs have been very popular over the past few years because he knows what works and what doesn’t because he’s been there and done it!

Vince’s book, No Nonsense Muscle Building has helped over 20,000 men and woman achieve the results they deserve, all without drugs and supplements, and in less time than other training programs.

How I felt during the first 2 weeks on the program

  • A bit overwhelmed. With the 10+ ebooks, mp3’s, and dvd’s that came with the Upgraded program I didn’t know where to start. I finally took some time to just sit down and read over the No Nonsense Muscle Building ebook, and i’ll be honest there was a lot of information to process.  My advice is to read the entire book first to get a good idea of how the program works then go back and read it a second time.
  • Sore. The daily training schedules are easy to understand,  and put you right into a good routine. I’ve been slacking at the gym before I started this program so it took a few weeks for my muscles to get used to working out.
  • Full. The program talks a lot about your diet. I’m set in my ways when it comes to what I eat but I took Vince’s advice and added protein shakes into my diet. Whenever I got hungry before or after a meal, instead of snacking I had a shake.

My Results 6 Weeks into the Program.

  • Stronger. Increased my strength by about 15%
  • Endurance. Could pull off a quick but intense workout in 45 mins -1 hour and not feel drained.
  • Happier. I guess when your healthier, your happier.

What I didn’t like about Vince’s Program

  • Lack of description on exercises. Most of the exercises in the program where pretty common but a few of them I had to Google to find the proper form and technique. Not a huge deal but would be nice to have detailed info on every exercise.
  • Information overload. Other then missing detailed exercise descriptions there’s tons of info on everything else. Maybe its not a bad thing but with all the information in the ebooks, dvd’s, and mp3’s it sometimes seemed like there was just to much to consume. My advice is to start with the No Nonsense Muscle Building ebook, forget about the diet part for a few weeks, and just focus on working out at the gym and following his workout plan. I believe in small but positive steps.

Vince’s No Nonsense Muscle Building program isn’t just for skinny guys but for anyone looking to get into shape, loose weight, or just feel better.

Why choosing a training program like Vince’s over a Personal Trainer can save you money

  • Vince’s Basic Program is $77, and his Upgraded program is $107. I know a few of you guys are thinking, “Damn that’s a lot for just a training program”, but just compare that to the cost of hiring a personal trainer for 12-16 weeks. Lets do some math…say an average of 60$ per session X 12 weeks = thats $720.
  • Personal trainers make their money by having you buy as many sessions as possible, but with a Training Program like Vince created, he gives you the instructions, the exercises, the meal plans, everything you need to succeed
  • 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee . If your not satisfied with his Program, Vince will refund all your money. Try asking a personal trainer for a refund, not gonna happen.

What comes with the No Nonsense Training Program?

  • 10+ Ebooks
  • Dvd
  • mp3 audio books
  • meal plans

Click here to find out exactly what is included with Vince’s Training Program

Alright so that’s my review about Vince DelMonte’s No-Nonsense Muscle Building program. I suggest that you at least check out his site here and see if his program is right for you, or just give it a try and if your not satisfied just let him know and he’ll give you a complete refund.

To read more about the No Non-Sense Muscle Building Program please click here!

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