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5 Exercises You Can Do From Home

Submitted by on March 24, 2009 – 2:45 pmOne Comment

homegymFor those of you who can’t seem to find time to get to the gym for a good work out, now you can get a great workout from home in less then half an hour and using just your body weight. These 5 exercises will target all the major muscle groups and help you to get the body you want without the grueling hours in the gym.

Push Ups

Push ups will target your chest, triceps, shoulders and core. Push ups have many variations to either increase or decrease the difficultly. You can alter your hand placement to have more effect on the different muscles; putting your hands wider will put more of the work load on your chest and the closer you put your hands together will effect the triceps more.

Decreased Difficultly Push Ups do the push up with your knees on the ground or with your hands on a elevated bench, this will take some resistance off and allow you to do the exercises with better technique if you can’t quite complete a set of regular push ups.

Increased Difficultly Push Ups you can put your feet at an elevated surface to put more pressure on your chest and arms making the push up more strenuous and will increase muscle growth and strength. Or try push ups on a medicine ball, this will help with your core to stabilize yourself while doing the push up.

Sit Ups

Sit ups will target your abs and core muscles. To increase the workout you get with sit ups you can add resistance with weights, bands, or a decline bench. Add range of motion by doing side crunches to work more of your obliques and one side of your abdominal to isolate the individual abs a little better.

If sit ups don’t seem to be giving you the results you can try many ab exercises that can be done at home such as:
Bicycles with medicine ball
– Leg lifts into toe touch
– Bicycle kicks
– Heel touchers


Squats are a great exercise that will work your quads, calfs, and core. By doing body weight squats you will really feel the burn just after a few sets and its very easy to increase the difficultly for the exercise. You can do the squat with dumbbells, a barbell or just a resistance band to increase the difficultly. The squat should always be done with proper form so start simple and move up the ladder from there.

Chin Ups

Obvisoly not everyone can do this from home unless you have a chinup bar in your house or some exposed pipes like Mr.T had in Rocky 3. So if you aren’t that lucky you can pick up a simple door way chinup bar right here.
The chin up is one of the best upper body workouts for you; it works your biceps, lat’s, trap’s and core muscles all in the same set. You can perform the chin up with your palms facing inward or outward and is wise to switch up the routine after a few workouts.

You can also change the spacing between your hands making different muscle groups work harder from different angles.
Keep in mind that you need to be doing quality to see the best results, so follow the chin up technique as best as you can.


Dips work on your triceps muscles on a large scale and you are always going to feel that burn, they also have a great effect on your chest and shoulder muscles. You can do 3 different types of dips including:
parallel bar dips
– power rings (usually used by gymnasts)
– bench dips (most easily done at home)

The bench dip is done by positioning your hands shoulder length apart on a sturdy bench next

– Move your feet as far as you can in front of your body, then straighten your arms on the bench while keeping just enough bend in your elbows so that your triceps are always nice and tight.

– Slowly move your body downwards while keeping your elbows tucked next to your body (you should feel the tension in your triceps while this is happening). Once you have completed your downward movement use your hands to push back up till you reach the starting point of the dip.

You can increase difficulty by starting to raise your feet off the floor onto highly options such as another bench, chair or whatever you have to work with. Remember to master the movement before moving on to harder stages.

Start off the home routine with proper strecthing and knowledge so you avoid any accidents. Let me know if you need any tips or ideas by leaving a comment or emailing me here at darren@mensgarage.com

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