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Gaining muscle mass

Submitted by on July 14, 2008 – 9:43 amNo Comment

Building muscle is one of the most frustrating things to do when you start lifting weights. It seems to take so long to see results and then to keep adding on to those results, but here are some tips to maximize your workouts and gain muscle mass fast.

  1. Quality workouts – You need figure out what you want to work on, maybe it’s you abs or maybe you’re looking to build up your triceps, or biceps.Whatever your goal is you need to start to focus on that plan, and pick the right exercises.
  2. Nutrition – This is the most overlooked aspect in training, eating right and getting the essential amount of nutrition is key packing on some solid muscle. Before hitting the gym you should be looking to get as much energy into your body as possible, you need some foods that boost and give you that energy to have a great workout. Some foods that give you some kick are:
    • Eggs and omelettes.
    • Whole grain oats and other carbs such as noodles, or rice.
    • Fruits such as oranges, bananas and apples.
    • Or try a pre workout drink such as NO Xplode.
  3. Post workout – It’s best to try and saturate your muscles with protein and vitamins within 30minutes of your workout. This is how you will grow the muscles and see your size increase. Not getting the right of amount of protein into your body will cause you to stay in the same physical shape as before. You need to try and get about 1g of protein per your body weight to get to that size. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds, and you want to weigh 180 then you need to get 180grams of protein into your diet.
  4. Supplements – This is undoubtedly the fastest way to put on some size. It’s not for everyone, and I want to make sure that you are well informed about this, you do not need steroids! But there are some products out there that do help you grow muscle faster, and recover quicker and become stronger. Of all the different products I have used and tested I have to say that creatine is the most efficient way. NO Xplode is one of the best out there right now and provides very quick results. With creatine supplements remember that you need to stay hydrated more than usual and another very important thing to remember is that you can only do creatine in cycles. So you can do about 8-12 weeks on, and then take 4 weeks off. This is to make sure your body doesn’t adapt to the product and stop producing it on its own.
  5. Stay committed – It takes time to gain muscle and mass, and it won’t happen overnight. Keep on track of your workouts, and even if you fall off the wagon with your diet you don’t have to give up on the weights. I like to keep a calendar of my workouts, and then even if I miss a workout then I know when to get back, and know that even though I missed my arms workout on Tuesday that I still have to make it for chest on Thursday.

Results will come when you put in the time, so get ready to incorporate your new workout and plan, and diet just in time for summer. You will never feel more confident taking your shirt off to get into the water when you have a great body to call your own.

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