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Switching It Up

Submitted by on June 9, 2008 – 9:52 am2 Comments

Your body is a fascinating creation, when you continue to do the same workout over and over your body can adapt to the work and you may only be getting limited results. Though muscle memory your muscle fibres actually remembers the work you’ve done, making your workout become accustomed to your body. Besides this sticking to the same work out can become boring, bland and dull you’re intensity at the gym. There are many ways to avoid this which I will show you in this article and keep you interested in heading back to the gym.

Keep your body guessing, every work out you do you should be making minor or major changes such as:

Changing the angle – Alternate between a flat bench work out to an incline or a decline.
Reps and set – If you’re looking to put on some mass go for a high weight low rep work out. Or if you want to peel off some of the unwanted fat you can switch to a high rep low weight.
Time of day – Working out in the morning is especially good as your testosterone levels are at a high giving you a little extra boost once you finally manage to wake up.
Days of the week – Sometimes it’s as simple as changing the day of week you go to the gym try going Monday, Wednesday and Saturday the first week then switch to the Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday the next week.
Style of work out – You can choose between a bodybuilding work out where you’re doing lighter weight with slow draw out reps, or a power exercise doing your reps with a lot more intensity and exploding up.
Standing or sitting – Try doing your curls, military press and lateral raises standing one day then sitting the next. While you are doing the exercise standing it works core and your stabilizers more, while sitting it isolates that muscle group taking on the entire work load. You can also check out my ultimate arms workout here for some more tips.
Change the pair – I like to work two muscles at a time at the gym so by change which muscle I work together can help to keep me excited for the gym. I might work arms and legs one day then switch to arms and abs, or legs and shoulders just as an example.
Days off – On days where I’m not doing weights on the gym I like to go for a run swim or a pick-up sport with a couple buddies to always keep the blood pumping and by keeping these original can help with your motivation to get back to the iron.
Switching the supplement – By switching proteins, creatine, fat loss pill or whatever you may be taking, switching the brand can give your body that shock of a new supplement give keep you fresh at the gym.
Changing gyms – In extreme cases you may need new scenery by which you can only get by switching gyms. You can check out some memberships at this webpage.

By using some of these ideas hopefully you can keep the gym entertaining and fun and avoid the boring workouts that just drag on and only seeing minimal results. If you keep your body guessing it helps to get full results at the gym and hopefully help you to return for your next work out with some spark.

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  • JK Williams says:

    Very informative indeed gets right to the heart of training with out a lot of preample. I have read a lot of what’s contained here over the years in a number of publications concerning fitness and weight training. I have rarely seen this much info on one page getting right to business so to speak. A lot of mags or web pages have to much clutter or are commercially inclined. They entice /lure you to fitness with the catch perhaps that you need this Protein supplement or some such thing to be successful and get the results a person is desirous of. I see no such thing happening here just the essential info to make you want to read and learn more about weight training or fitness.

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