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The Ultimate Tricep Exercises

Submitted by on June 13, 2008 – 4:16 amNo Comment

As a continuation of the Ultimate Arms Series, I am now going to give some pointers on four of my favorite Triceps Exercises. Remember to keep form for all these exercises, don’t cheat, and start out with light weight.

Skull crushers: although it is a very intimidating name there is nothing to fear, but make sure you always use a spotter as you should with any exercise. Proper form is key here and these are the do’s and don’ts
-Lie flat on a bench; press your shoulder blades down for a solid base.
-Use an easy curl to get a comfortable grip.
-Start with the weight fully extended above your chest with your elbows locked.
-Slowly drop the weight down to your forehead keeping your elbows in the same position to isolate the triceps muscle fully.
-Push the bar back to the top of the rep still keeping your elbows still
-If your elbows are moving you’re probably using too much weight, try dropping some weight for a more quality rep.

Pull Downs: You can normally find the machine to do this exercise at any local gym, follow these points to get the best results.
-Position yourself so your arms are near to your chin.
-Bring the weight down until your arms extended and pull your hands away from each other flexing your triceps.
-Bring the weight back up in a controlled manner keeping the tension in the cable.
-Do not let the weights rest at the top of your reps.

Overhead Lifts: This exercise is done sitting and with a single dumbbell, and here are some major points to follow through out
-Find a seat with enough back support so yours not lifting any weight with your back.
-Start with the weight behind your head with your arms straight up.
-Lower the weight to the back of your neck keeping your elbows perpendicular to one another.
-Bring the weight back up above your head flex your triceps at the top of the rep.

Dips: This is a great exercise to finish off a workout to get that last burn before you pack it in.
-The dip starts with your elbows up and locked.
-Lower your body down so your triceps are past 90 degrees to your elbows.
-The closer you keep your elbows together the more triceps it works and the further apart the more chest is worked.
-Push your-self back up keeping your core tight and squeeze your gluts and hamstrings tight on the way up to drive yourself to the top of the rep.

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