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Deadlift Mistakes

Submitted by on December 10, 2008 – 5:19 pmNo Comment

The deadlift is an exercise that allows you to lift a very large amount of weight, because of this any mistakes may cause a serious injury. So before you start to deadlift weights that may cause these injures, know your mistakes so you can fix them.

Deadlift Mistakes During Setup 

  • Foot Placement– If you feet are too wide, you wont be able to grip the bar properly and your arms getting in the way of your natural movement. If you feet are too narrow you will lose balance and not be able to pull as much weight.
  • Knees and Hips- When you don’t have enough bend in your knees this will cause you hips to be higher than they should be. This will cause you to round your back, this can create poor posture, or worse, you can injury yourself. When your knees have too much bend your hips will be very low, although the squat requires you to go this deep the deadlift does not. From this position generating power will be much harder and the bar will have to travel a greater distance than it would going straight up.
  • Back and Chest- Your back should be slightly arced in your lower back, this is done by having your chest up and shoulders back. This will ensure your back doesn’t round durning the reps and allow you to generate the most power for the lift.
  •  Head- Keep your head up looking at a fixed position for the whole rep. By looking down you will naturally round your back and by looking up at the ceiling you will hyperextend your back. Find a spot in between which is most comfortable for you.

Deadlift Mistakes During the Rep

  • The correct movement for the rep is to begin the initial lift with your knees, when the bar has passed your knees drive your hips forward and finish the rep fully erect. Many people will begin the lift with their back and hips then finish with the knees, this is wrong.
  • Many people will finish the rep by over extending your back, this can cause a hyperextension. So don’t stick your stomach out at the end of the rep, finish with a nice strong posture.
  • Don’t shrug the weight at the top. Lots of people will try to work shrugs in with the deadlift, this can cause you to throw off your form, or change the path of which the bar travels making reps harder then they need to be.
  • Putting the weight down make sure you bend your hips first. After the weight has passed your knees on the way down then begin to bend your knees. By doing this your back will not round while your setting the weight down. The negative portion of the rep is more important so be sure to focus on great form. Don’t just drop the weight, let it down in a controlled manner.  

By focusing on your mistake of the deadlift you will notice a big difference in your form and the amount of weight you can lift. Always perfect your form before you get into the big weight.

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