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How To Do Free Weight Bicep Curls With Proper Technique

Submitted by on September 20, 2008 – 1:41 pmNo Comment

Free Weight Bicep Curls can be preformed standing or sitting, with a barbell or a dumbbell. When you perform the bicep curl standing, you are working more of your core stabilizer muscles by balancing yourself throughout the exercise. While sitting, the bicep is isolated for the repetition and the most strain is put on the muscle. This will allow you to grow a bigger bicep but will limit your core strength. The difference between the barbell and dumbbell curls is simply that you have more range of motion with dumbbells. With the barbell you will be able to do more weight and reps. To see maximum results I would suggest switching between the variations of the curl every other workout.

Benefits of Bicep Curls

Bicep Curls are actually one of the least beneficial work outs as you rarely do any real life lifting with the bicep, most is done with the triceps and legs. Biceps are mostly a muscle to attract attention and intimidate. Of course it will help with overall health and strength but is overworked by a lot of people strictly for its appearance.

Bicep Curl Safety

There are not many things that can go wrong with the curl exercise. The biggest issue is when you try to lift too much weight you will compensate with your back and risk injury. Keep the weight to a manageable level so that you don’t cheat and use your back.

Bicep Curl Warm Up

A stretch of the bicep muscles and a light set to get the blood pumping is sufficient for the bicep warm. No other muscle groups are being worked so your risk of strains or tears are low.

Proper Bicep Curl Form

Back- Be sure to keep your back straight throughout the exercise, you can flex your gluts to help accomplish this
Legs- Should be shoulder width apart and don’t swing your hips to help lift the weight. If your find yourself doing this, lower the weight.
Eyes- Keep your eyes forward though out your reps, don’t look at the weight as you will lose focus on your opposite arm.
*It is much better to do less weight with better reps then more weight and bad reps, this is when most injuries happen.

Rep Movement

The rep starts with the weight down at your hip, curl the weight by flexing your bicep and keeping a straight back until the weight is around chin level. You should be able to feel the tear in the muscle at this point, now slowly, while staying in control of the weight lower it back down to waist level and start your next rep.

Common Bicep Curl Problems

You aren’t impressing anyone with your bicep strength when you lift more weight then you can handle. Improper technique will lead to injury and is completely avoidable.

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