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How To Stay Committed To Your Workouts

Submitted by on June 9, 2009 – 8:36 pmOne Comment

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Being lazy is for sure the most popular reason for people to stop staying in shape and going to the gym or even doing any physical activity and then maybe once per month you get a little motivation from something in your life, but by then its to late and you have lost your groove. I’m going to help you make sure you don’t lose that groove and you do reach your goals and keep them. Here’s how:

Get Legit

No more saying “ohh I will go for sure tomorrow” no you won’t fatty, you will go when you are supposed to go and you do this by getting a workout schedule. It’s not that hard, you write down the times during the week when your going to get to the gym or when your going to exercise and then you don’t back out of it. To be in great shape you don’t have to go to the gym 5 days a week and believe me there are tons of easy exercises you can do from home also. A simple schedule can consist of 2 training sessions at the gym with a light jog or walk or even a bike ride somewhere mixed in.

Make sure people know about your commitment to fitness, so when your friends ask you what your doing on Wednesday night they won’t be pissed that your going to the gym or your getting back into swimming because they know and respect your work ethic.

Write Down Your Goals

Each person has there own list of goals they wish to accomplish by getting into a healthy living mode for example:

The point is whatever your goals are you need to make sure you can accomplish them and one of the best ways is to write them down and follow your plan to achieve them.

Another tip is to take pictures of your body before you start to train, then as each week passes take new pictures so you can literally see the changes your body is going through. Once you have seen what your capable of then your definitely going to stay with your plan and see it all the way through.

Use Supplements

One big reason why some people give up is because they don’t see a great improvement at first and lose interest because they don’t think its worth the hassle. Those people cannot be helped, but if you do like to see results then you are going to want to learn more about supplements. Picking the right protein can be a huge deal if your trying to bulk up and see muscle growth or if your looking to lose weight you will want to know more info on fat burners. Other types of popular supplements include pre-workout supplements such as NO-Xplode and other nitric oxide boosters. Then you have creatine products and even supplements that can help you with your mood.

In any shape or form your going to need to know about supplements if your going to get serious and start shedding some real weight and packing on some sleek muscle. So read up and if you have any questions you know how to get in touch (leave a comment).

Have Fun With It

Exercise shouldn’t always be a chore, you should enjoy the benefits of it. Enjoy the extra energy, love the way you look and feel each day. If the exercise program you are using isn’t doing it for you then make a change, switch it up and start doing new workouts and new areas of your body.

Cardio is usually the most boring for people, so try new things like canoeing, hiking, white water rafting, climbing or swimming. Anything that gets you excited to workout and get active is a great thing! So enjoy life and be around for a very long time by eating right and exercising.

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