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Losing Your Love Handles

Submitted by on April 12, 2009 – 9:27 pmNo Comment

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It is the hardest part of your body to work out and also the slowest to see results, but with this 3 step program you will be able to target that ugly part of your torso. So what does the 3 step program involve?

  1. Proper dieting and nutrition.
  2. Quality exercise regime.
  3. Smart supplements.

Proper diet and nutrition

We have been preaching about how you can control your physical hunger, how you can plan ahead your daily meals and how important it is to get your daily vitamins into your diet. Now it is time to put everything into effect and use them all to eliminate those ugly love handles you’re trying to hide.
Here is a quick check list that you need to make sure your following to start losing the fat around your mid section.

  • Getting enough water into your body each day – you need to make sure your getting at least 2.5-3 Litres of water each day (also remember that you can substitute for things like juice, soy or regular milk, tea, etc…)
  • Stay away from the danger foods – Such as french fries, pastries, fast food, processed meats, chips and soda. If you’re having second thoughts about a food then most likely you shouldn’t eat it.
  • Eating up to 5 servings of fruits and veggies per day – This is one of the hardest tasks to complete on a day to day basis. It is hard to get to the store every few days to fill up on fruit that goes bad so quickly sometimes, so this is where supplements will come in handy (we will go into detail further down). But try packing small snacks of baby carrots, small oranges, and apples and other healthy snacks when you’re going to work or running errands all day.
  • Add boosting food to your arsenal – I personally find that eating low fat/low sugar yogurt and a bran muffin each night 2-3 hours before bed works wonders for my body. Other foods that boost include walnuts and almonds, grape fruit, boiled eggs and any green veggies.
  • Eat 5 small meals throughout the day – This practice is definitely starting to catch on the main stream now and I’m happy from all the positive reviews people tell me about this one small change. Its keeps your metabolism guessing and firing at a high rate, in turn burning more fat instead of storing it.

For your healthy eating habits just be smart about what goes into your body and you should definitely see results in your mood, energy levels and positive outlook right away (the bigger results like weight loss and fat reduction come down the road from following this practice).

Step 2 – Having a great workout

This is where the best results are going to stem from; you need to make sure your serious about your goal of losing your love handles because this is where it is going to take place.

  • Focus on building abs and core strength – Building a solid core will help you to perform many exercises better and getting more muscle on your abs will make them show quicker while your fat is starting to diminish. Getting the ultimate abs can be tough gruelling work, so start off slow and learn which exercises are best for you. We have many great articles here at Men’s Garage about abs so take a look around when you’re done reading and see if there are any you might benefit from. Some examples: bicycle kicks, hanging leg raises, leg lifts into toe touches.
  • Quality of workout – Sometimes we are all guilty of doing it… cheating on your exercises. But by doing low quality exercises you are only hurting yourself; make sure you’re using proper form and technique when doing your exercises. Some can be tricky such as: doing proper squats, correct bench press, over head press and others. You do have options here – ask someone who works at the gym, learn from our data base of fitness and workouts, or heck send me an email taylor@mensgarge.com and I will personally help you! Never feel alone in the battle for building muscle and losing fat.

Help from supplements

Especially right now when it is so expensive to go see the doctor you need to stay your healthiest and the best way to do that is how? Well eating healthy fresh foods and drinking lots of water. But getting all your vitamins and minerals and 5 portions of fruits and veggies can be a HUGE chore sometimes, that’s why you may need help from supplements.
Supplements are used for a variety of factors –

The amount of supplements out there is just unreal right now; just take a look inside our supplement store to see for yourself. But to see the best results and truly live a healthy life you should have a well balanced attack to help you stay healthy and far away from the dangers of disease.

*Before starting a supplement diet or cycle we recommend you talk to your family doctor first to make sure it is safe with your health history and diet plans.

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