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Staying Fit All Year Long

Submitted by on August 29, 2009 – 7:27 pmNo Comment

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It can feel like a full time job just trying to stay in shape and eat healthy all year round, but that’s the cold hard truth of the matter. It takes persistence, strength and dedication to be in great shape 365 days a year and for many people around the world that is way to hard to deal with. So to make things easier I will share 3 crucial things that can help keep you going and staying fit all year long.

Goal setting

This is what usually gets people excited to get to the gym in the first place, you might be watching TV and see someone who lost a lot of weight, or maybe see a race you want to be in someday so you decide that will be your new goal. Then 3 weeks later you lose sight of what your trying to do and quit. When setting goals you need to do 5 things

  1. Think short term and expand in small steps – if your goal is to clean up your diet then maybe your 1st goal will be to limit fast food, then move to something like having a salad for dinner once per week and continue with small steps and after a while you will notice they are all working for you and your main goal losing weight is happening right before your eyes.
  2. Write down your goals – use a calender or hang something from your fridge so that you see it on a regular basis and don`t forget about what your trying to achieve in the long run.
  3. Give yourself a break – Your not a superhero and your goals aren`t going to happen overnight, so don`t exhaust yourself  24\7 trying to get your goals finished and over with. Take time for yourself to heal and have fun in the process (just remember that you are training for something and that is what you will accomplish).
  4. Believe in yourself – So many people have doubt, especially if someone says something to you about your dreams or goals in life. It is so important to really believe in what your doing, even if your trying to lose 5 pounds of fat, or jump 3 inches higher or trying to make the 2012 Olympics. No matter what people may think or say, you need to believe in what you know you can do and will do.
  5. Get it done – It`s one thing to talk a big game, but another to see it through. When you set a goal for yourself make sure you finish it! trust me when I tell you that not reaching your goals is one of the most regrettable things you can do in your lifetime. If you need help to get it done then ask someone, if you need more time, then take more time; Just make sure you come through on top and when you do it`s time to sit down and come up with whats next for you.

Enjoying activity

Staying in shape doesn`t mean you need to be going to the gym 5 days a week, or running for 20 minutes a day. You can find many fun and exciting ways to stay strong and healthy without getting bored and losing your motivation. Some easy ways to stay in shape without going to the gym are:

  • Swimming – either in a pool or a lake swimming is a fun and healthy way to stay in shape.
  • Working out from the comfort of your own home workouts from home provide convenience, comfort and you can always look up new exercises from our directory.
  • Bike riding – Take the old 18 speed wonder out for some trail riding.
  • Snowboarding – Or skiing, these are great ways to get a solid core and leg workout while having a blast on the slopes.
  • Golf – Well for golf you will need to be walking the course, but it is none the less an easy way to stay slim over the summer.

I could make this list endless and im sure you have your own list of fun things that keep you active, just remember to indulge in them from time to time and remember how good it feels doing those activities when your in top shape.

Staying committed

Once you have your goals in place and know how your going to accomplish them all you need to do is see them through. Staying commited is the hardest part of the workout relationship, for most people not seeing results is the reason they stop working out or doing physical activity. If this your problem then maybe you should look into using supplements, this can yield results much faster then doing it naturally. Take a look at some of the supplements that might help you out:

  • Whey Protein – Used for building lean muscle after workouts, protein is the most common supplement used in the fitness world. Make sure your using the best protein and not getting ripped off by knockoff`s.
  • Fat loss pills – This can rev up your workouts and shed off pounds weeks faster then diet and exercise alone. Make sure to read reviews on fat loss products to see how they work and if there right for you.
  • Pre-workout – These are designed to get you pumped up and running at a high pace when you hit the gym, pre-workout supplements are great for people who go to the gym often and are looking for an edge in using more weight.
  • Creatine – A more advanced muscle building compound for people looking to really put on mass at the gym, creatine is a product you need to know more about before taking, so understand creatine fully before taking it.

These are just 4 types of supplements out of the many hundreds available all over the including our very own MGsupplements.com, so feel free to surf around and learn more about what might help you with achieving your goals.

Having a balance

Staying fit all year long is truly about having a balance, a balance between holding a job, getting to the gym and having a life. Once you find this balance then you can really see the full benefit of being happy, healthy and living the way you want. Make time for your activities and road trips, make time for your family and loved ones, but most of important of all… make time for yourself.

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