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Getting Back Into Summer Shape

Submitted by on April 3, 2009 – 5:02 pmNo Comment


Now that the winter months are over were almost in beach season and you’ve still got your hibernating weight from the cold days and nights. Getting back into shape can be a difficult task, but if you stick to a good diet, exercise regularly and stay committed to it you’ll be seeing results in no time at all.


Keeping up a good diet can be one of the most difficult tasks to do, with it being so easy to run to McDonalds and chow down a big mac making yourself a decent meal just seems like such a chore. When your dieting try making it easier on yourself by getting a good cook book with fast easy recipes that you’ll enjoy eating. When your satisfied from a meal you wont get the constant cravings for that greasy burger or pizza. Heres a quick list of foods to stay away from:

  • French Fries– fries are one of the worst things you can get, they’re deep fried and full of sodium. Cutting just fries out of your diet will make a difference.
  • Processed Lunch Meats- The mystery meats such as baloney, salami, pastrami and any other meat you have to research to find what it is simply are not good for you. These meats are full of saturated fats and chemicals to give them the longest possible shelf life and not only give you terrible physique but increase chances of heart disease and cancer.
  • Pastries–  Donuts, danishes and all the other sugar coated flakes speak for themselves as they have no nutritional value, anything that tastes that good can’t be good for you.
  • Soda–  The liquid sugar of the beverages, soda can cause all types of problems. Triggering type 2 diabetes, rotting  your teeth and soda will greatly increase the fat levels around your midsection. So put down the soda people.
  • Chips– The deep fried and salted potato, chips are very high in sodium and fats and really don’t have any nutrients in them. Now chips are being packaged to seem like a healthy snack, “no trans fats”  but extra saturated fats and sugars to make up for it. “Baked” but it still has salts and flavoring that does no good for anybody. And the worst part about chips is that you can never eat just one.

Try to plan your meals ahead of time and work in as many vitamins and nutrients as possible, put away the chocolate bar and add the delicious apple. Natural foods will leave your body feeling fresh and energized.


Getting to the gym for some people is very difficult, but once your there everything turns simple. The hardest part about the gym is getting there, so force yourself to go even after a long day of work. Getting the blood pumping will give you energy and put you in a better state of mind.

Finding the right work out routine for you can be a daunting task so i suggest making your own out of well established exercises such as the squat, bench press, overhead press, deadlifts, chin ups, dips, various ab workouts, and at least 2 types of cardio (swimming, running, cycling or a physical sport you enjoy). Finding the best routine will be seeing which exercises complement each other for you, stick to 4 or 5 exercises per work out and master them. Don’t half ass all you workouts just to get a few extra sets of another exercise. You’ll get better results by doing the workouts right and in full.

If you cant find time to work out at the gym try doing some easy exercises from your home. Or look into doing monthly activities that can keep your body from slowing down and losing your range of motion.

In your work out plan you should have 2 days of cadio, 3 days of weight lifting, and 7 days of great dieting with 1 or 2 cheat days a month to keep you sane. But remember the biggest thing for getting that beach body is going to be staying committed to your diet and work out. Don’t let yourself fall into the same old habits of staying in with a bag of chips and a crappy sitcom on t.v, get out there and get in shape and enjoy life. You only get one!

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