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Tips For Healthy Breathing

Submitted by on September 21, 2008 – 6:31 pmNo Comment

With something so simple as breathing it’s foolish not to take the extra little effort to do it right. The importance of proper breathing techniques, and how much it can improve your lifestyle is drastic, because it is done subconsciously makes you think why people do not pay more attention to their breathing. Longer slower breaths will relieve stress, lower blood pressure and slow your heart rate, improving your lifestyle with very little effort. Most people take breaths that are too shallow and quick, by doing this your telling your mind that more oxygen is needed throughout your body. Your body now perceives this as a problem increasing your levels of stress, blood pressure, heart rate. Here are some simple ways to get into the habit of healthy breathing.

4 Easy Steps For Better Breathing

  • Take 5 minutes a day to really focus on deep breaths expanding and contracting your diaphram to its full potential and just feel the stress melt away.
  • Take deep breaths in thought your nose and a slower exhale thought your mouth. (about 5 seconds for the inhale and exhale each.)
  • Aim for 6 breaths a minutes, the average of us is around 20 a minute which is much to high, you can try to drop this rate of breathing by really focusing on the 6 breaths a minute when you have spare time and eventually it will become a subconscious effort.
  • When you find you self stressed take a 2 minute break and focus only on breathing. This can be in traffic at a red light, sitting at an office desk when nothing seems to be going right, or if the family seems to be getting on your nerves. By taking the 2 minutes you would be surprise the difference it can have.

Breathing At The Gym

Breathy is extremely important when doing weight training as well. If not done correctly or worse, not done at all when lifting weights you may be doing serious damage to your brain. With demanding exercises such as the deadlift, squat, bench press, and overhead press proper breathing techniques are critical.

  • Breathe in during the negative portion of the rep (squatting down, lowering the weight to your chest in bench and overhead press, or dropping the weight to the floor in the deadlift)
  • Breathe out as you push  or pull the weight up. By doing this you will supply your muscles with enough oxygen to complete the exercise.
  • In between sets be sure to practice proper breathing, this will slow your heart and get you ready for your next set.

Knowing some of the facts of breathing hopefully you will put in a little extra effort for a simple exercise that can change you life and increase your overall well being. Your breathing will carry over to other activities out side of everyday life and increase your level performance in sports, weight training and can add years onto your life.


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