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Getting rid of joint pain

Submitted by on July 13, 2008 – 3:48 amNo Comment


Getting rid of joint pain

Joint pain is a problem for many people living all over the country, leading people to make changes in their daily lives. It can get worse with cold weather, lack of vitamins and other conditions. Joint pain not only limits you from exercising and enjoying life, but also drains you mentally and spiritually; making you feel less like your regular self and this can lead to symptoms of depression.

What causes joint pain?

Joint pain usually starts in the later years of life, around 45 or higher in most cases. It can be brought on by over exerting yourself when doing activities such as weight training, outdoor running and other physical labours you may have done recently. The joints that are most commonly affected are your wrists, fingers, elbows, ankles, toes and knees. Other causes for joint pain may come from infections in your body, hormones, or your family genes.

Symptoms of joint pain

The symptoms of joint pain usually begin with early warning signs such as:

  •   Waking up sore and stiff, especially if these effects last more than one hour
  •   Loss of appetite
  •   Limited range of motion
  •   Small fevers within your day
  •   Numbness or tingling feeling within your joints and bones
  •   Hand and feet deformities
  •   Weakness

Getting rid of joint pain

The first and most important step for treating joint pain is to take action. If you don’t treat your joints right away then you will be dealing with a lifetime of suffering and regret. Some options for short term relief are non-prescription drugs such as Advil or Motrin Ibuprofen these help with relief from pain and inflammation, but only for a certain amount of time.

Surgery is a less used option and depends on your healthcare, your condition and other aspects of what you are dealing with on a daily fight with joint pain. Surgery in some cases can relieve your joint pain completely, correct any deformities caused on by joint pain, and help with your range of motion in your sore and weak joints.

Physical therapy is a great way to help deal with your joint pains, this is what I would recommend most because not only will it help you increase your motions in your joints, but also get you out of the house, getting blood pumping to your heart, increase your appetite and energy. There are many different types of physical therapy you can enrol in such as water aerobics, hot and cold joint treatment or getting your own physical therapist to help show you some exercises or machines that will help get your joints in a healthy growing state.

Glucosamine is a natural substance that is already found in your joints, and when your tissue and cartilage become weak and torn the levels of Glucosamine drop in a short amount of time. I recommend trying to supplement this product into your diet. Even if you do a trial run for 1-2 months it will be well worth it. Glucosamine has helped people rebuild the damaged tissue and cartilage which may be causing your sore joints in the first place. There have been no side effects from taking Glucosamine other then mild discomfort with internal bloating and gas.

Living with joint pain

Joint pain can become a day to day battle with some people and there is no cure, but even with this burden you should try and do whatever you can to make your quality of life the best it can be. Experiment with your own cures, maybe icing your sore joints help, maybe a healthy herbal tea can relieve some of the pain brought on by your tender joints. Whatever you can do to make your live healthier and pain free is what you need to be doing. If you have any other information or experience with joint pain pleas leave a comment for the other readers at the bottom of page.

Thanks and healthy living


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