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Controlling Physical Hunger

Submitted by on November 24, 2008 – 12:52 amNo Comment

Losing weight isn’t just a physical battle, it’s both mental and physical and that is what a lot of people overlook in their day to day struggle with fat loss. I hope by giving you information that is relevant for weight loss everyone will be able to achieve their goals.

Did you know that by doing physical exercise (such as walking, running, weight training etc…) your brain actually releases chemicals called “endorphins” which is a pleasure circuitry that you also get from eating certain foods. So that warm feeling you get when you used to sit on the couch with a huge bucket of ice cream, all wrapped up in a blanket watching a rambo movie can be gotten from hitting the gym and lifting some weights. But instead of working on your gut, you will be adding muscle to your body and burning fat at the same time!

While your on “the healthy living plan” you will see your diet gradually change, and the foods you are eating on a day to day basis will be healthier and more nutritious, but the great thing about that is you are leaning how to control your hunger for bad food. One of the main theories out there is that by eating junk food that contains high amounts of salt or sugar is that your body becomes used to that intake. So maybe once or twice a week you will crave something fatty like a burger, or something that has a lot of sugar. But with this gradual decrease in those un-healthy foods it will bring your body into a healthy balance of the right foods.

Also the foods that will be replacing all that high calorie junk will have appetite control qualities and benefits that will help you beat your cravings. Many of your meals and snacks will be high in fibre, or water based which have many great benefits: fibre which is used in a great deal of these meals makes you feel fuller longer and helps digest certain foods better. It also slows down digestion so that your blood level stays elevated and delays the release of certain hormones that signal your brain that you want to eat again.

What Increases Your Appetite and How You Can Control It.

Factors that can lead to you being hungry:

An empty stomach – Alerted to your need for energy by a hormone produced by your stomach, your brain tells you its time to eat.

The sight and smell of food – Just walking into a room that has that wonderful smell of mom’s cooking can trigger anyone to want some grub.

Hormones – When your body is under the weight it thinks it needs to be at, your brain will be alerted and increases your appetite.

Way of coping with stress and emotions – Some people are binge eaters, and eat to fill that void in their life. Eating your problems away is not only harmful but costly. Learning to control these factors will lose you weight and save you cash.

Factors that help you control your appetite:

Eating regular meals and snacks – Eating small meals throughout the day is the best way to keep your metabalism running strong and your blood sugar levels wont have a chance to drop to a level where you feel famished or drained of energy.

Eating the right proportions of nutrients – You need to make sure your eating a well balanced meal, that includes proteins, carbs, fat and fibre. This will provide energy for all parts of your body and mind for the entire day and is great for your workouts.

Not under eating – Just eating small green salads, or a single yogurt isn’t going to fill that void in your stomach. Make sure your eating full meals so your not hungry 20 minutes later.

Resolving emotional issues – Figure out whats wrong in your life and fix the problem, you need to beat the stress and get away from negative people who make you feel bad and bring down your mood.

Physical Activity – This is the best way to control hunger, your body will need to re-fuel once you have finished your workout. Your body will need plenty of protein for building muscle, carbs for getting more energy, potassium for helping your muscles recover.

Waiting 20 minutes before eating again – This is how long it takes for your brain to receive signals that your stomach is full. But if you don’t wait you may want to keep eating away like your in a hot dog competition. So drink some water, relax and see what you really need to feel satisfied.

Having a good nights sleep – Getting your 8 hours a night is key for many reasons such as muscle growth, recovering from your workout, and preventing the distribution of your hormones that control your appetite.

Getting your appetite under control is a great tool for losing that fat around your stomach and a way to better define your muscles. It wont happen overnight, but with time it will become second nature not to reach for that bag of chips and drink a protein shake instead.

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