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Daily Healthy Meals

Submitted by on December 6, 2008 – 2:01 pm3 Comments

Image credit: Uma Ember

To be a “healthy” eater you need to have more than just one healthy meal per day, so if you think “well I did have Mc Donald’s for lunch but that salad for dinner makes up for it” is eating healthy and smart you are just lying to yourself. I’m not saying that is a bad thing, and if you are just working towards the goal of eating healthy meals all day then that is a great way to start. But to reach the pinnacle of healthy eating you want to be having 4-6 solid healthy meals everyday.

Sure everyone cheats and if you can make up for that by going to the gym, or going for a walk or run then its not so bad. But for the most part you want to have a good daily meal plan, so I’m going to be giving you some idea’s for meals and even some simple recipes.

Breakfast Meals:

Everyone talks about how this is the most important meal of the day, and they are right. You need to get your calories in the morning so you have lots of energy through the day, and so your not tired and sluggish and grumpy all morning long. So here are some idea’s for breakfast…

  • If you went to the gym the day before or are planning to go that evening than try a hearty Whey protein shake. First choose your protein, I like to use something generic like Vanilla or Chocolate, but use what you have. Then Add your milk or water (use skim or 1% milk) I like to throw a few ice cubes in as well to make the shake extra chilly. Then adding some low fat yogurt will give it some density, if you have any Flax you can definaltely add it and finally some frozen or fresh fruit. Blue berries, raspberries and strawberries are all great for flavour, along with a whole banana then you simply blend and down then hatch. Sometimes I find it doesn’t fill me up totally so I also have a bran muffin while I drink my shake, this is also healthy for you because everyone knows how great fiber is for your diet.
  • 2 soft boiled egg’s with whole wheat toast – For the perfect soft boiled egg bring your water to a boil with the egg’s already in the pot. Next time the egg’s for exactly 4min and 15 sec’s. Then drain the boiling water and add cold water. Wait 30 seconds then drain the cold water. Dry the egg’s and then peel off the shell and place on toast or bagel. I like to add a little bit of salt and pepper on after.

Healthy Lunch Meals:

Lunch is always tricky because for most people you pack it before you head to work, and it is really hard to eat healthy if you end up going out somewhere for lunch. If that is the case I recommend you go to subway or some restaurant that you have some options for healthy meals.

  • Turkey breast sandwich – on whole grain bread with lettuce, tomato’s and a little bit of mustard and mayo. For a healthy side try warming up a can of tomato soup, or whole wheat crackers with some cheese.
  • Chunky Chicken Vegetable Soup – This really does fill you up, and gives you energy to finish your day and still want to do something after work. This soup is really thick so you don’t need to add any crackers to it.
  • MG Tuna Melt – A serious amount of protein and fulfillment. Eating this will make both your muscles and stomach happy. Click here for recipe.
  • Chicken Three Cheese Salad – you will need lettuce, cut up chicken breast, three cheese ranch dressing, cucumbers and a fork. Add all ingredients into a plastic Tupperware container and give her a good shake. Keep chilled in a fridge until lunch time.

Dinner Meal Plans:

This is going to be the last big meal of the day, you should always try to eat 5 to 6 times per day, so one more healthy snack 2 hours before you go to bed. Understanding weight loss is a must for healthy eating and meal planing, so remember to keep up on your healthy eating habits to keep moving forward. Here are some great dinner meal ideas:

  • Vegetable Stir Fry – I like to use red peppers, onions, mushrooms, broccoli, and asparagus. Cut them up and begin to cook them in your Wok or frying pan. Next put on your whole wheat rice so it will be ready when your done cooking the vegetables. Place rice on a plate and serve the vegetables on top. * I like to add a little bit of black bean sauce to the vegetables while they are cooking for some oriental flavour.
  • Classic Spaghetti And Meatballs – Just like grandma used to make for ya, use extra lean ground beef and remember to drain the fat. Add lots of vegetables to your sauce while its heating up. Green peppers and mushrooms are a must for some flavour. This is a great meal if your going to be doing physical activity later. Best for cardio and H.I.I.T
  • Chicken Caesar Wrap – Have some cooked chicken ready to place in your wrap, then add your lettuce, tomato, grated cheese and Caesar dressing. Close the wrap and heat up on your frying pan or if you have a George Forman grill that is even better and faster! The great thing about wraps is you can be creative and add or subtract ingredients whenever you please.
  • Tofu Alfredo – What?! you might be asking, but seriously this is a great tasting meal. If your a tofu virgin that’s OK too, because now is your chance to try tofu and be blown away from how great it can taste and how healthy it really is. It fills you up so won’t become hungry 20 minutes later which is great for controlling your hunger and it has a good amount of protein and healthy fats. Ok so here’s how to make Tofu Alfredo… First make sure you purchase “Extra firm” tofu, then turn on the frying pan and add some oil. Cut the brick of tofu into small blocks that would look like domino’s ( about the same height and width) Once the tofu starts to brown you want to flip it over to the other side. Next add 1/4 cup of Orange Juice into the frying pan ( tofu is like a sponge so whatever you add to it, the tofu will taste like) Once the O.J is gone you want to add some spice, I like using Montreal Steak spice, or whatever you prefer on your steak. NEXT you want to get another frying pan on the go with some mushroom’s, red peppers, onions and broccoli. Once it is all cooked and browned you will add it to the tofu frying pan. Next smoother the frying pan with Alfredo sauce and continue to warm the sauce up. In the meantime boil some whole wheat Alfredo noodles, so once everything is finished you simply put the tofu Alfredo on the noodles and enjoy!

All these meals are great for people who are looking to change up their diet and for people who do a lot of exercising. There are plenty of easy exercises you can do for these foods to help with adding on muscle and they are also great for shedding fat so all those ab exercises you have been doing will pay off.

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