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Easy Exercises To Lose Weight

Submitted by on November 4, 2008 – 3:40 pm3 Comments

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Last article I talked about what you can expect from stage one of the healthy living plan and if you want to read that over just click HERE. Today I am going to get into some detail on the importance of exercising and some examples of what exercises you can do no matter what your skill level.

Im not here to lecture or make you exercise, because at the end of the day it is you that has to decide what to do. But here are just a few benefits of what exercising can do for your health;

  • Lowers the risk of almost every disease out there, including many types of cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, etc…
  • Improves your everyday mood.
  • Helps you sleep better.
  • Keeps your mind Sharpe and alert.
  • Improves your immune system so your less vulnerable to colds like the flu.
  • Improves your sex life and endurance (ohh baby)

So there are just some of the perks from exercising, and I’m sure they all appeal to you, but what exercises can you do so that you get all of these benefits?

Here are a few easy Cardio exercises:

1. Walking – It is the most basic exercise other than rolling out of bed in the morning, you can start off walking around the neighborhood or on a treadmill. Try to time how long you walk for and remember the pace, then next time you go out for a walk try to walk a little further and a little faster. * Finding a walking partner is a great way to stay motivated and fit.

2. Jogging/Running – The next step up from walking obviously, jogging is a great way to start building your core muscles and really get a great sweat going. It is a bit more high impact on your bones and joints so you might want to start off with a warm up walk, then get into a light jog and see how it goes. Don’t get discouraged if you can only run for 5 or 10 minutes before you get winded. It will take time to build up endurance, but you will build it up. Don’t forget to stretch your body and warm up for a few minutes before you start to exercise.

3. Swimming – This is the ultimate full body workout, it is hard I know to find time to go swimming but if you get the chance then I really encourage you to do so. It has no harsh impacts on your body and not only does it provide a great cardio workout it also helps create muscle and power.

4. Cycling – Riding your bike is another low impact way to work on your cardio, along with building you leg muscles. You will also find that by doing any of these cardio exercises that they all complement each other. So the more your jog the longer you can ride a bike and so forth.

5. Recreation sports – This can be just playing basketball with the boys, kicking the soccer ball around, going to the park to play tennis or just taking the dog for a walk. Anything to get you outside and active will play a major role in losing fat and building muscle.

Some easy resistance exercises are:

1. Push up / Wall Push up – Doing regular push ups are a great way to start building muscle in your Chest and Triceps, they can be done in the gym or at home after you have done a nice small cardio workout. The wall push-up is just an easier way to find your form and gain some confidence.

2. Standing Rows – This is another easy exercise that will help you in the long run to help motivated you into the gym with more complicated workouts and heavier weight. To do the standing row just get an old towel or T-shirt and find a pole or object that you can loop it around so that your hands are directly above your feet. Next place your feet near the pole or object and lean back, then slowly row yourself towards the pole. Do this exercise 10-15 times.

3. Standing or Sitting press – Get some light weights (about 5-10lbs) Next you want to bring the weight to the side of your shoulders (this is the starting position) Next raise the weight above your head and slowly bring it back down to your shoulders. Try to do 8-12 of these.

4. Squats – For the squat we are just trying to get our form so that when you do get to the gym you already know what to do. Start with your feet shoulder length apart, next slowly bend your legs back like your sitting down in a chair (try and put the weight on your heels and not your toes) Once your in the seated position you will bring yourself back up to the standing position. Once you have mastered the form you can then start using the light weights at the sides of your hips and do the same motions. Try to complete 12-15

5. Bicep Curls – Again using the light weight you want to bring the weights from the side of your hips to top of your shoulders in a smooth motion focusing on your bicep and not using your back to help aid you. Then slowly bring the weights back down to your hips the same way you brought them up. Try for 8-12 reps

6. Abs – One of the best abs exercises is the bicycle crunch. This is where you lay on your back with knees bent and hands behind your head. Next move your right knee towards your elbow and move your elbow towards you knee, then switch up and use the other knee and other elbow.

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I know these are all basic exercises and for some of you they will be much to easy, so here are some links to more complicated exercises for people who already goto the gym 3 times a week or more.








You will find that by beginning to exercise you will be blessed with more daily energy and find yourself wanting to do more positive things other than just walking into the house throwing your coat on the kitchen table and laying down on the couch. I’m sure we have all been there at one point, and I’m sure you will have days like that again also. But with added energy you will find you are not so sluggish and that after work you still want to be active, and best of all you will start to see yourself lose that fat and turn it into muscle.

So try some of those easy exercises to get you motivated and pumped up for the next few months, because over the winter we will get into more experienced exercises that will gain you more muscle and more strength, while losing that fat you never that you could. Remember also that if your goal isn’t to bulk up that is fine to, all the exercises I am going to be showing you can be done with less weight and more repetitions so that you become lean and not bulging muscles.

If you have any questions on the exercises or anything related to the healthy living plan just email me at Taylor@mensgarage.com, or simply leave a comment at the bottom of the page and I will get back to you.

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  • Tallon says:

    I just stumbled across your site today, and all I can say is thank you. I am a busy father of five who works insane hours driving a tow truck. I have no free time, and I need to get into shape bad. I have been looking for something that is simple enough that i can do it but challenging enough to keep me interested, and my better half is wanting to slim down a bit too. I am adding your site to my favorites list, and don’t be suprised if you start getting e-mails from me soon.

  • Taylor says:

    Thanks a lot Tallon, hearing comments like this makes it all worth it. I really hope you and your wife can achieve all the goals you set out to do, if there is anything I can do for you ex:give advice or tips please just email me here at taylor@mensgarage.com or leave a comment with a question. Hope you signed up for our newsletter to keep you updated with all the recent fitness and health articles : ) Take care and thanks for being a part of the healthy living blog,


  • Tim says:

    I think weight loss is all about three things – attitude, diet and exercise. From my experience, reducing carb intake and doing aerobic exercises are keys to successful weight loss.

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