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Is The Microwave Safe?

Submitted by on January 4, 2009 – 1:13 amOne Comment

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For years the argument has been going on… is the microwave safe? Being invented in 1946 the microwave became an instant classic around north America and soon the world for its fast and convenient cooking methods. But was it doing more harm than good? Did anyone ever look into it? Did anyone care? Well I did some digging and research and came up with a few important facts everyone should know.

Microwaves kill nutrients and proteins

In a recent study it was found that using the microwave to cook vegetables you were losing up to 98% of the veggies nutrients (especially if you had any water in with them ). The microwaves radiation goes into the vegetables and destroys all but a tiny amount of the plants essential and natural nutrients that your body uses to fight disease, gain energy, replenish cells and more. Whats the fix?

You need to stop using the microwave to cook veggies and start to steam them, this is the second best way to get all the nutrients and health rewards from eating green. The first would be to eat them raw as you should for a few snacks per week.

It was also found that re-heating meat such as steak or hamburgers that the microwave actually destroyed all the animal protein that the meal would have to offer if you didn’t use the zapper. The best way to re-heat your meat is just wrapping it up in tin foil and putting it back into the oven for a few minutes before you serve it.

Older microwaves have been known to leak radiation

After a while just like most things you purchase in life, the consumer product takes a toll and begins to wear and tear. This is no different from your microwave, and just thinking about some of my friends houses and seeing they still use a microwave that had to be made in the 1970’s makes me sick to my stomach. Microwaves use radiation to re-heat the food and an astonishing amount of microwaves have been know to leak and expose people to EMF’s ( electromagnetic fields ).

Dr. David Carpenter, from the US School of Public Health in New York said that he believes that EMF’s and radiation leakage from microwave ovens are likely the reason for about 30% of all childhood cancers.

I also believe that this is one of the major reasons why Americans are so prone to getting cancer, not just because we eat unhealthy but because we lose so many vital nutrients and antioxidants each and every time we use the microwave.

The solution

We need to say NO to using microwave ovens as much as we can, one easy way to do this is by just getting rid of it all together so your not tempted to use it. Half the time you cook things in there they come out soggy and nasty anyways so take a few more minutes and cook it in the oven or use your George forman grill or toaster oven.

Another sickening fact about microwaves is that the leakage factor is about 6 feet in length while the microwave is running. So if you do decide to nuke your food then at least stand 6 feet away or in the next room to keep yourself safe from EMF’s.

So try to eat fresh as much as you can and when you have leftovers try to use your oven, toaster oven, foremen grill and other appliances more than the microwave. Your body will thank you

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One Comment »

  • shea says:

    It’d be great if you had links to these studies, otherwise like the digg comments, it’s unfounded, and too brief with not enough information

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