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Soy Milk Versus Cow Milk

Submitted by on December 16, 2008 – 1:04 am3 Comments

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Yet another great debate we have going on these days; whats better for your health? Soy milk or cow milk? As always I’m not going to give you an answer, but I will give you the info you need to make a choice ( and yeah maybe I will tell you what I drink to ).

So the dairy industry right now is a billion dollar industry! So when someone else comes in for a piece of your pie of course your going to get mad and angry, and boy are these farmers angry. There are various law suits happening right now such as cow milk producers don’t want soy milk to have the “milk” in the word. They believe the word milk belongs to the dairy industry and no one else can use it, next they don’t want soy beverages to be sold in the dairy section of super markets, they want to monopolize what the American consumer is drinking daily.

So now lets take a look at some of the benefits and con’s of soy and cow milk products…

Fats – both saturated and fatty acid

Saturated fat is one of the leading factors of heart disease and artery blockage and cow milk has 9 times the amount of saturated fat that soy milk has in it. While drinking soy milk gives you 10 times the amount of fatty acids which your body needs and uses to transport and absorb certain vitamins.

Drinking cow milk gives you vitamin A?

Indeed it does, but… not naturally; the vitamin A is actually put into the cows milk before it is sent out and sold in the super market. So if it is being done for cow milk then its only logical to think it can be done for soy. Right?

Levels of cholesterol

So right out of the gate soy milk is cholesterol free so that’s a bonus, while cow milk has 34 mg of cholesterol per serving. Cholesterol is known for clogging arteries causing heart attacks, strokes and other ailments you don’t want. But 34mg isn’t really all that much especially compared to fast food joints. Another positive attribute for soy milk is that it actually lowers your LDL which is bad cholesterol, while again drinking cow milk will add to it.

Getting riboflavin

Soy milk has 60% less riboflavin than cow milk which is a pretty large amount, however riboflavin is found in a lot of other healthy foods such as whole grains, seeds, green veggies and nuts. So if your following the healthy living blog you are hopefully making those healthy switches in your daily diet.

Cancer fighters!

This is a huge stat, drinking two servings of soy milk per day reduces prostate cancer by 70%  This is a huge huge benefit for many people, especially with the high amount of men developing this form of cancer in there later stages of life. Unfortunately for cow milk drinkers there are no such findings yet.

Protein intake

Both soy and cow milk are great ways to get healthy and complete protein into your diet, a lot of people use them when making a whey protein shake or smoothie. If you still find your lacking the amount of protein you want in your diet you can get it from eating protein bars or if your a vegetarian you can get it from eating tofu and other high protein vegetarian meals.

Strong bones from calcium

Natural soy milk does not contain very much calcium while cow milk provides a HUGE amount for your daily requirements. This factor alone makes people not want to jump ship and stay with cow milk because of the benefits of calcium such as stronger bones and teeth. However some soy milk products are now adding calcium into the drink, so make sure you look for that when shopping.


Drinking cow milk for 24 years I was in love with the taste and texture and everything it had going for it and when I tried soy milk I just about through it out the window, I just couldn’t stand the taste at all! But I kept going back and trying it with new things like my whey protein shake after going to the gym and doing some deadlifts, or adding it to my cereal in the mornings. After a while I got used to the taste and now I drink it daily and I have definitely noticed some small changes which is nice.

Some people are stuck in there ways and if it ain’t broke why fix it? Well I personally think soy milk offers a lot more benefits than regular cow milk and that is why I switched over a few months back and I plan to stay with soy for the long run.

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