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The Healthy Living Blog – Understanding Weight Loss

Submitted by on October 28, 2008 – 1:00 pmOne Comment

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So theoretically losing weight really isn’t that hard, burn more calories than  you put in your body and look what happens… you loose weight. But it is never that easy, so many factors play a role in weight loss and today we are going to take a look at some of those.

  • Genetics – your family history plays a huge role in what your body looks like, and how it actually works. Some people are just blessed with a high metabolism and can shed body fat like it’s their job; while others are not so lucky and it is a day to day battle with obesity.
  • Emotions – This is something we will get into again in the near future, but basically some people eat to make them feel better and this can be a tough habit to break. Reason’s for emotional eating can come from many things such as depression, boredom, loneliness, stress, anger. In order for you to be able to truly become a healthy individual you need to come to grips with your emotions and find out whats wrong and fix it. Otherwise next time you get stressed at work or angry because your wife is always on your case you will find your digging in the fridge to combat that problem.
  • Food – This is a pretty obvious factor, but when you think about it many people do like to over eat. I know I had a problem with this especially when I was a teenager I would always want to polish of my plate or if I was out with my buddies I felt like I needed to eat everything in sight to make me feel like a big shot. But that is hog wash, when your stomach tells you that your full just put down your fork and throw the napkin on the plate. After 10-15 minutes when the food actually settles you will thank yourself for not eating that last piece of chicken. Also try drinking water during your meals to fill your stomach so you get full faster, by eating less you will be able to burn more calories when you exercise and there is that magic formula again.
  • Medications – A lot of prescription drugs out there such as antidepressants or sleeping pills can have negative effects on your diet and make you want to eat more because of this or even worse play a role in hurting your metabolism making it much harder to cut away those pounds.
  • Drinking and smoking – I’m not talking the casual beer, but those parties you might go to and have to much to drink, and of course smoking is just terrible for your health and is going to affect the way your able to train at the gym along with making your lose your appetite that you will need to replenish protein and carbs for your muscles. If you need help quitting check out this blog that can help you quit that addiction and become more healthy by doing so, it is very well written and easy to follow. CLICK HERE.
  • Lack of exercise – What a lot of people don’t realize is that exercise doesn’t have to be going for a long run or bike ride ( which I do recommend by the way ) but even small things during the day that add up to a lot of extra calories being burnt. Try to stretch before you go to bed and when you wake up in the mornings and get some blood pumping through your muscles. Hide your TV remote and walk up and change the channel manually, park further away from stores and work so you have to walk a bit further each day ( the air will do you good ). Just small every day activities can make a huge change after a few months.

I also want to talk a bit about water and hydration, seeing water makes up for a massive amount of weight in your body so you need to understand the importance of drinking 8 cups per day. This can change depending on how much you mix it up.

You can drink 6 cups of water then one cup of milk and one cup of juice, it really doesn’t matter as long as your staying hydrated and healthy. So once your making sure your fully hydrated your going to notice that you may have actually put on weight, but this is a good weight because in the end you will be fully hydrated and have lost much of the fat.

*one quick side note I want to mention is a question from Peter who lives in Dallas, tx. He asked me “how many times should I weigh myself per week?”

For the love of god don’t get obsessed with weighing yourself daily, this program is made to loose weight overtime and your not going to drop 5 pounds overnight (especially if your not drinking enough water until recently ). So try and avoid weighing yourself to often, the results will come I promise you that. Just remember that it is not a sprint, rather a marathon of healthy living.

Next Friday I will be posting the first stage in the healthy living blog, so make sure you have signed up for the RSS feed so you don’t miss out, and also check out the recipe added right after this article is posted.

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