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How to get the Ultimate Abs

Submitted by on May 25, 2008 – 7:25 am4 Comments

There are many variations of abdominal workouts, but the real truth to it is you have to be willing to go though some gruesome workouts and keep a strict diet to get those washboard abs you’ve always wanted. Through my years of trying to find the right routine for me I’ve found the ultimate workout to see results fast. I will show you the work out and some of the main foods to stay away from in this article.

The main focus of the workout is the run. You need to have a good cardiovascular system and be in good shape to see those abs. To shock your body to get into the best shape, run in intervals on a track, start with a light jog and increase your speed in intervals of 20 seconds until you finish with a sprint. Then you can start the cycle over.

After the run, you then start with the abs circuit. There are countless abs workouts but I stick to 5 to keep some variety. When I finish my interval running I then do one of the five workouts then continue on to skipping for about 2-3min or carry on a light jog for a lap or two.
Once you have broken your sweat your ready to work the abs. Keep in mind that your ab muscles are very small. They do recover quickly and to get the most out of your workout you need to rest a very short amount of time in between your sets.

Crunches– your typical crunch, straight then sides ( left elbow to right knee and vice versa)

Bicycles with medicine ball– with a medicine ball of weight your comfortable with. Pass between your legs in a figure 8 while trying to keep the most range of motion in your legs.

Leg lifts into toe touch– laying flat on your back lift your legs until they are 90 degrees with the ground, then crunch as high as you can and touch your toes at their highest point.
Alternating plank- lift your left leg and right arm while in your typical plank and switch to your right leg and left arm and do alternating reps.

Hanging leg raises– hanging from a chin up bar lift your legs parallel to the floor while keeping your abs tight, you can add weight between your feet if you feel that’s not hard enough already

Depending on your fitness level will determine how long your sets are, if you just starting out try for 20 seconds for each exercise, for the more advanced, I push it to a minute per exercise.

Another big key to having a set of killer abs is your diet. Here are some easy to follow tips to a slimmer stomach.

Foods to stay away from:
-French fires
-Packaged desserts
-All fried food
-White flour bagels
-Fast food burgers

Foods to keep in your regular diet:
-Almonds other nuts
-Spinach and other green vegetables
-Whole grain breads and cereal
-Wild berries (blue, razz, straw)

If you put this work out into your schedule and follow a strict diet you’ll be showing that new ripped six pack at the beach before you know it.

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