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Good Nights Mean Good Mornings

Submitted by on September 8, 2008 – 5:40 pmNo Comment

There is nothing worse then getting up repeatedly throughout the night or lying awake for all hours of the night, and not to mention the next morning. Here are some ideas to help you get that great night sleep you’ve been looking for.

Relax- Find something that will get you relaxed before bed. Read a book, take a bath, or listen to some easy going music. Just a short 30 minutes of a relaxing activity will allow you to sleep sounded. Do not watch T.V or be on your computer with in 30 minutes of going to bed as the light from the screen is processed the same as sun light which tells your brain its not time to sleep.

Prepare for tomorrow-If you write out your schedule or a list of things you want of have to do for the following day this will put your mind as ease for a good nights rest. With this you will not be lying awake thinking of things you’ve forgotten to do or think you will forget to do.

Bed is for sleep- Try to avoid associating other activities with your bed. Find another spot to read, watch t.v or in some cases even eating in bed. You should only be in your bed to sleep, and of course sex, but avoid any unnecessary activities taking place in your bed.

Create a comfortable environment- You want your bedroom to be clean, cool, and well ventilated. Also try to keep your room quiet and dark, with a comfortable amount of blankets and pillows so you can get your self set up for a good night sleep.

Avoid day time naps- Napping thought out the day may refresh you at the moment but will throw off your sleep schedule during the night leaving you tired in the morning. Once you find your self taking naps you often get in that routine leaving you tired every morning and taking naps daily. Also you want to try for 7-8 hours of sleep, max! Often if you sleep to long you can be come over rested and it leaves you tired as well. The weekend mornings that you find yourself in bed for 10 hours and still tired throughout the day is a perfect example of this.

No bedtime snacks- Eating before bed will often keep you awake at nights as your digestive tract will be working and will make it tougher to get to sleep.

Spend the money- You spend a third of your life in bed, so its well worth your while to open up the bank account and get yourself a decent bed. If your going to spend the money you would be foolish not to put a little time in to find what bed is going to suit you best with millions of mattresses ranging from soft to firm, spring to foam. While your at it, consider purchasing a good quality pillow.

Staying fit- Not only will going to the gym help you sleep better, its just good for your overall health and appearance.  Get into the routine of going to the gym.

If you follow these steps you will find yourself waking up more refreshed and ready for a sucesuful day ahead.

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