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Does Lipo-6 really work? A review from Men’s Garage

Submitted by on July 26, 2008 – 2:57 pm3 Comments

Nutrex Lipo-6 fat burner is one of the most well known weight loss supplements going right now. They do a ton of advertising and sponsoring of weight lifters and body builders, so is this product for a person just trying to lose a few pounds? Or is it for people trying to enter a Mr Universe competition?

What is Lipo-6?
Lipo-6 is classified as a “fat burner” which means by taking this product it will target parts of your body that have access fat and get rid of it. But that’s not all Lipo-6 offers. It also will give your body help with:

  • Energy
  • Boosting your metabolism
  • Appetite suppression
  • Overall fat loss

How does Lipo-6 work?
You start off by taking one Lipo-6 pill in the morning followed by one mid day, for this fat loss supplement you need to build up a tolerance for it. So after about 5-7 days of taking one pill twice a day you now take 2 Lipo-6 pills twice a day and you keep doing this until you reach the maximum of 3 pills twice a day.

Is Lipo-6 right for me?
If you are at the point where you feel that you just can’t lose any more weight on your own, or for some reason you just can’t lose that little gut you have left then I would say that Lipo-6 is the right choice for you. However you should know all the facts about the product and that includes some side effects from taking Lipo-6. The first thing to know is that you need to be at least 18 years of age or older, and if you are on any other prescriptions at the time given to you by your doctor then you need to get an appointment and make sure that by taking Lipo-6 you are not going to get any adverse side effects from your other pills.
One major turnoff I found with taking Lipo-6 was that after about four weeks into my diet plan if I missed even one day’s worth of pills I would get a pretty bad caffeine headache. It was the same thing when I decided to get off the Lipo-6 pills, I needed to decrease my dosage pretty slowly or else I would again get these caffeine headaches. Some other side effects you may encounter when taking Lipo-6 include:

Increased heart rate, or rapid heart beatings – these usually set in at the gym or when you’re exercising. If you do experience these you just need to try and relax and focus on your breathing, the more you panic the worse it will get so just take your time and relax.

Cramps, numbness, light headed – Again not all of these side effects will happen, I did experience light cramping and a little light headedness, but it happened only a rare number of times, and usually only lasted a few minutes.

Nashua and upset stomachs – These will mainly occur if you’re on a poor health diet, so make sure you’re eating well and drinking plenty of fluids to stay well hydrated.

Increased sweating – This will be a main side effect for anyone who is overweight and not in regular gym shape. However this is a good sign that your body is working hard and burning fat.

Sleep loss – If you’re taking your Lipo-6 late in the evenings then you may have a hard time falling asleep. When you take Lipo-6 if energizes your body to work hard and burn fat, so you need to try and follow the right schedule when you’re on Lipo-6 and take one dosage on the morning before breakfast and the once more after lunch.

Will Lipo-6 make you lose weight?
Absolutely, I was going to the gym 4 days week when I supplemented with Lipo-6 and I still saw great results. I had sharper abs, my arms and chest became more defined. I also saw great results while at the gym because of the extra energy that Lipo-6 provided my body.
Taking a weight loss pill can be scary if you never tried it before, but you just need to be smart about it. Keep up on your regular vitamins that you get from a healthy diet, stay motivated in the gym by bringing your I-pod, set realistic goals for yourself to achieve while on Lipo-6 and you will see the results.

Where can I get Lipo-6, and what’s the cost?
You can purchase Lipo-6 pretty much anywhere on the net or in supplement shops in your community. Try and find a store or website that is trusted and reliable. Lipo-6 will cost you anywhere from $30-$60 depending on where you purchase it. But remember some websites charge a lower price but you may not see the product for 3 weeks. So again be careful where you purchase your supplements. I would recommend going right to the Lipo-6 website to get the product. Click HERE to purchase it direct from Nutrex.

Cheers and healthy living.

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