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The Top 5 Pre-Workout Supplements

Submitted by on August 13, 2008 – 6:53 am7 Comments
pre-workout supplements

The Best Pre-Workout Supplements | Pre Workout Supplements

Over the past couple of years some new pre-workout supplements have hit the store shelves with some serious impact on the industry.

I’ve been working in a supplement shop the past couple of years and have tried at least 8-10 different pre-workout supplement products over that time span, my opinion on the whole category of products is that I found the first one I ever tried which was BSN’s N.O. Xplode gave me the best initial results with energy and pump, but with time I found most of them to be pretty similar in ingredients and with results.

If your stuck on a plateau for bench press or squats or any major lift I find these types of products work great. Try not to get caught up in the marketing of these products because every product will claim they are the best. I am a fairly lean guy and Nitric Oxide has always given me some excellent vascular workouts and creatine gave me the best results in the form of monohydrate, a lot of these products give you “proprietary blends” meaning they have a bit of everything… that being said, try to find one that agrees with your system, if you stop feeling the stimulant effect don’t take more because your just wasting your money your still getting the ingredient dosages just not the stimulant boost. EAT MORE!

My rating of the industries leading pre-workout supplements which I’ve tried from best to worst:

  1. VPX NO Shotgun V3: Tastes much better then it’s predecessor, reduced serving size, excellent pump, slight tingle sensation from beta-alanine.
  2. BSN NO Xplode: Good focus the first tub you use, good pump, taste is the best among pre-workouts.
  3. MRI Black Powder: Little Salty tasting, good long lasting energy, great vascularity.
  4. Muscletech NaNO Vapor: Great tingling sensation, great pump & blood flow, I’ve seen better energy from other products but I didn’t crash afterwards.
  5. Gaspari Nutrition Superpump 250: Not the greatest tasting, best pump during & after training, caused some serious stomach cramps & diarrhea during training for a good amount of workouts, something I could work past though.

Watch our Pre Workout Supplement Review:

YouTube Preview Image mgsupplements product product product product
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  • lisadeb1989 says:

    How about the super fruit acai? Check out the number of professionals who drink the premium blends! Click here: http://naturallypotent.wordpress.com/ tons of testimonials, links nutritional & weight loss specifics. There’s lot’s of excellent choices out there. Most important thing is to get serious!

  • steve says:

    great info . thanks man.

  • Skip says:

    AWESOME BRO! I just bought Super Pump 250 and man I have never felt a better PUMP! My arms are getting so jacked. Thanks Adam.

  • John says:

    Awesome video mate i was using Xplode before but i stack N.O.-Xplode + Animal M Stak ! Results were AWESOME pumps were great !! Some time ago i got some sutpid virus i didint train for 2m onths and i lsot like 5 Kg’s now i started again i want my pumps back i bought naNO Vapor and Glutamine i hope that ill get my strenght and some muscles back if u have any advice what else should i stack with this Vapor + Glutamine please tell me ! Send me MSG on my mail Jovann02@hotmail.com ! Thanks !

  • Cole says:

    I’ve had all 3 of those supplements before as well, only I used orange flavor of N.O-Xplode which wasn’t all that great and fruit punch naNO Vapor. Gaspari’s SP250 grape cooler made me hurl, and made me too sick to even finish my workout. By the way, it DOES live up to it’s name SuperDUMP 250. Horrible product.

  • Jereme says:

    been working out a while…did a lot of on and off again working out the last few years….just recently decided to get serious again about lifting…am 39 years old…most i’ve ever benched is 250 at my peak…am on my third bottle of a bottle called N.O. Fury by six star muscle….about $20 at walmart….at 1 scoop each workout about 20 days worth…two scoops i think would be the max needed….after finishing up my third bottle i’ve made it back from starting at maxing around 185lbs on flat benching to 255lbs…also have made it up to 285 on decline benching….this is after about 3 months use and being sick for about two weeks in the middle of it….one of my co-workers does take the nano vapor and first started on the no explode and now trying the superpump…he liked the nano the best but tried my no fury while out of his…he said it was comparable to the nano vapor…i did try his nano one day while out of mine and didn’t get near the same results as the no fury…a lot cheaper too….

  • rich says:

    dude super pump doesnt give you the shits… thats no-xplode.. that shit will tear your stomach up!

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