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The Importance Of Sleep

Submitted by on August 23, 2009 – 2:54 pmOne Comment

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Getting the right amount of sleep is extremely important for your body to be at its best, some might argue that they feel fine and dandy on far less sleep then other people but the facts cannot be ignored. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night is needed for a healthy and positive lifestyle, take a look at these other facts about the importance of sleep and why it is so necessary.

Lack of sleep may cause serious health concerns

Not getting enough sleep each night can cause some pretty scary health problems for people including:

Obesity – Studies have shown that people who get less then 6 hours of sleep are at a higher risk of getting a hormone imbalance which can cause a serious imbalance in your appetite control.

Physical and emotional duress – Everyone knows how cranky you can get from feeling tired in the morning, but this stress can really affect your moods and even cause ulcers and other problems like depression.

Heart disease- A study in 2003 by  the “Archives of internal medicine”  showed that women who slept less then 5 hours a night were more then 40% more likely to develop heart problems then women who slept for 8 hours. The lack of sleep may cause the release of stress hormones and proteins that can trigger heart attacks and strokes, just another reason to make sure your blood pressure is at a healthy point.

Diabetes – Not getting enough sleep during the night can also affect how your body processes blood sugar and increase the risk of developing diabetes.

Sleep can help improve memory

Scientists and researchers still do not fully understand the reasons why we need to sleep other then the healing factors for our bodies and minds. People who have a full nights rest are sharper and more receptive to things throughout the day and have a much higher memory bank.

One night is all that it takes

Even one poor night of sleep and you will be having poor attention skills, problems with speech (including slurred words) and poor memory. A good nights sleep is very important for everyone, but if your training or working out you need to make sure your getting 7-8 hours each night to make sure your muscles are getting the right amount of treatment from your body. While sleeping your Hgh is at its peak which is also the best time to grow muscle and burn fat; so missing out on that can hurt your training.

Coffee is not the cure

Regardless of what many people may think you cannot fix the fact that your sleep deprived by just having a few coffee`s throughout the day. Playing loud music or rolling down the windows in your car are only temporary ways to feel less tired, but even if you do trick your mind into believing your not tired your body is still feeling all the effects.

The main thing to remember is that you can`t cheat on sleeping, it will come back to haunt you and take a very big toll on your life, workout habits and overall health. Remember to set a correct bedtime each night that gives you enough sleep, don’t eat or drink to late in the night because it may cause you to not fall asleep. Have the right kind of bed so your getting the proper support and comfort you need and deserve and hardest of all is try not to sleep in to late on weekends and holidays. To much sleep can cause harmful effects just like not getting enough does, between 7-9 hours should be minimum and maximum for a healthy lifestyle.

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