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The Ultimate Arms

Submitted by on June 6, 2008 – 11:26 amOne Comment

It’s all about the arms these days, and a solid arm work out at the gym is one of the best pumps you can get. Nothing intimidates quite like your bicep busting out of your shirt, and every ones looking for new ways to put size on their arms. Now it’s not always that simple, but there are many exercises to get the peak you’re looking for. I’ll show the ultimate workout to get the arms you’ve been waiting for.

Most guys you see at the gym are only focusing on the bicep, but you have to remember that the triceps are 2/3 of the mass on your arms. You have to work both biceps and triceps to get the most girth on your arms. I try to keep it to 4 work outs for both muscles and focus on form and technique; the weight will come before you know it. Try to add weight to your sets every work out even if it is 2 pounds at a time believe me it adds up.


Now on to the work outs; I start with regular dumbbell curls alternating arms to keep the focus on one arm for the best form, keep it to 3 sets with 8 reps. Then preacher curls only using one dumbbell alternating from regular curls to hammers, start at 8 reps per arm and work your way down to 1. Take no breaks; switching arms alone will give you enough time to get the next set done.

Next using an easy curl bar using around 70% of your regular weight do 7 reps of just the bottom of the rep( from the full extended position curl until your arms are 90 degrees from your body.) Then 7 reps after finishing the top of the curl and finish with a full nit using the same weight thought out, you also take no breaks in-between these reps. I call these standing bar curls.

Finish with close grip chin ups, palms facing you and for as many reps as you can go 3 sets but drag these reps out for as long as you can to really tear the bicep before you hit the showers.


The 4 triceps exercises I use are skull crushers, don’t worry they sound worse than they are: with an easy curl bar and a weight your comfortable with lye of a flat bench with a narrow grip and the bar pressed above your chest, bring the bar to your forehead and back up. Your elbows should not change position so the triceps get the full work load.

Triceps pull downs next, with any cable machine starting with your arms tucked into your body pull your hands down and apart and really squeeze the triceps to get the best results.

Then doing what I call over head lifts starting with a single dumbbell pressed above your head, lower the weight to the top of your neck and then back up. Always use a spotter for these exercises in case your can’t finish the rep and you’re stuck in a bad spot. For these first 3 workouts you should be doing 8 reps with 3 sets taking around 2 minutes rest in between. Finish with 3 sets of dips for as many reps as you can bang out keeping good form, always fully extend your arms and go as low as you can on these reps and like chin ups these reps should be done slowly.

In this workout you should switch between one bicep and one triceps until you have completed all 8, in the order which best suits you. Doing this workout once a week and sticking to a strict diet you should be seeing results in no time at all. Feel free to ask any question if you need clarification and I will be coming out with the next workout to the ultimate series shortly.

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